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State educational institution of additional professional education "St-Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies" under the Ministry of public health and social development (SPbMAPS) is a major educational, scientific and medical center, providing postgraduate medical training for doctors, managers, biologists, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals from North-western region of Russian Federation, other parts of Russia, NIS, Baltic countries and from abroad. There are different forms of postgraduate training:
- long-term training (internship, residency, fellowship)
- short-term (thematic courses, specialization, study visits)


SPbMAPS today:
- annually about 30 000 medical professionals get their postgraduate training in 70 medical specialities (about 150 of them are from foreign countries)
- total staff of the Academy is over 2700 employees. About 1500 among them are professors and researchers
- 6 faculties comprise 80 academic departments
- 415-bed Academic clinic, 12 clinical departments, outpatient clinic, high-technology medical care
- 2 Research Institutes, 6 dissertation councils
- scientific research
- international cooperation


Comprehensively develop educational, clinical and research activities of the Academy in ХХI century maintaining traditions of the past


High-standard postgraduate education
High-standard medical care
Innovative science and research, implementation of its results into practice


Competitive advantage:
Practice of modern management approaches, training and continuous advanced training of personnel, use of modern technologies, enlargement of the Academy’s clinics will allow SPbMAPS to develop and keep up its leadership among medical institutions of postgraduate training and to take most active part in St-Petersburg and North-western region health care system progressing.


The Academy is widely known not only in Russian Federation but also abroad as a prestigious Institution for postgraduate medical training and as a reliable partner opened for professional dialogue, mutual exchange and international cooperation in the field of education, medical care and research.
It possesses all facilities for providing high-standard service in all spheres of its activities:
- high-professional and experienced academic and medical staff
- well organized and equipped postgraduate training
- modern methods and methodologies in education, research and treatment
- new approaches in administration and management
- international experience
- venues and logistics for holding seminars and conferences
- comfortable and safe accommodation in the Academy’s hostel and in the Hotel "Academija"
- progressive and perspective development

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