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Clinics and Treatment

Medical care and treatment traditionally are among the main directions of Academy’s activities alongside with postgraduate training and research.
Over 70 clinical departments are located in different city hospitals, clinics and out-patients clinics, 8 out of them are located in the Academy’s own clinic which provides medical care in different fields of medicine: surgery, anesthesiology, internal medicine, therapy, neuropathology, nephrology, imaging, USI diagnostic, biochemistry and microbiology, dentistry, etc.

SPbMAPS’ clinic comprises the following units:
1.    Cardiovascular Surgery
2.    Neuropathology
3.    Rheumatology
4.    Nephrology Center (Nephrology Unit, Dialysis Unit, Hemapheresis Unit)
5.    Center of Anticytokine Therapy
6.    Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
7.    Center of Medical Mycology named after prof. P.N.Kashkin
8.    Pediatric Center (Traumatology and Orthopedics, Neurology and Neurosurgery)
9.    Ophthalmology
10.    Center of Medical Cosmetology
11.    Diagnostic Center (MRI, CT, USI, biochemistry and microbiology etc.)
12.    Dental Clinic

The Academy’s clinic also provides patients with comfortable accommodation, medical service and all other facilities.

High professional level of medical staff alongside with modern diagnostic equipment and high technologies attract patients not only from St-Petersburg but also from other parts of Russian Federation and from abroad.

The Academy can invite foreign patients for medical consultations, diagnostics and treatment in its clinic.

To arrange the official invitation for any of above mentioned medical services in the SPbMAPS’ clinic foreign patients need to send to the Department of International Relations [email protected] the following  info:
1.    scanned copy of  national passport
2.    mail address
3.    contact information
4.    name of the city, where he/she is going to apply for visa

Please note:
Normally it takes about 45 calendar days to arrange an official invitation + several days to send it by express-mail (if needed).

Feel free to contact us!

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