Dear colleagues!
Welcome to the web world of the St-Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies!

SPbMAPS is the biggest center for postgraduate medical training in the North-Western part of Russian Federation and also one of the leading medical and diagnostic centers in Russia.
Since it was founded in 1885 by Grand Princess Elena Pavlovna  a great number of outstanding and widely known bright representatives of medical science and practice have been working here in different periods of its long history.

Among them such names as:
E.E.Eikhvald, M.I. Afanasiev, N.V.Sklifosovskyi, G.F.Tiling, O.O.Ott, N.D.Monastirskyi, O.O.Mochutkovskyi,  A.K.Limberg, D.L.Romanovskyi, N.A.Mikhailov, G.V.Khlopin and oth.